Reminicsing and wishing (Somewhat)


I came across an old TV show that I use to watch religiously as a teen and it got me reminiscing back to my teens.
You know that saying “Make the most of the time you have in high school, you’ll miss it later.” I might’ve paraphrased there a little but you know what I mean.

I remember hearing that saying in my teens and thinking, oh please how much could you actually miss your high school years? Especially when considering that I hated high school. However now that I’m older and slightly wiser I understand that saying. It’s not about actually missing high school; it’s about the friends you had, staying up as long as you wanted; because you had absolutely no responsibilities. Or going to parties, movies, doing crazy things that you do as a teen, of which you hope that your parents never find out about.

Right now I’m…

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