Money talks

Duck Dynasty back on?!

I can’t say that I’m completely surprised to hear this, but I am very disappointed because apparently money means more to A&E than equality and common decency.

Just when I think that we’re getting somewhere with equality we wind up moving two steps forward and three steps back.


I really can’t stomach that they’re letting Phil back on “Because he’s only expressing an opinion.” What he’s expressing is hate whether he means to or not and why in the hell are we still spreading hate? It’s 2013, haven’t we learned to spread love and not hate? Apparently we haven’t.

You know what I’d like for a straight person to try, walking a mile in our shoes. Let’s see how you’d like it one day if you woke up and the rights for a straight couple have been changed, and it was illegal for a straight couple to marry, shocking if you were to kiss your partner in public, and you were simply hated for you who you loved.

How would you feel if you had your rights stolen? To see gay people allowed to marry, and it still had to be voted on whether or not you should be allowed to marry.

If you had to deal with that on a daily basis wouldn’t you be outraged? If someone on TV were to say that being straight is a sin and that you’re going to hell; because of who you love wouldn’t that piss you off? And then to find out that their being allowed back on TV simply because “It was just his opinion.” No you would be outraged and tired of all of the hate being spread, and you would just want to be considered an equal human being.


9 thoughts on “Money talks

  1. There is a notice that comes on most home videos, a kind of disclaimer – that the comments of opinions given in the documentaries or commentaries do not reflect that of the company producing the discs or the shows. I would think the same would apply here where A&E is concerned. They produce the show and if one of their ‘stars’ voice their opinion outside of the show, they should be entitled to it. In a way to give the freedom to speak freely, you also have to protect the right to allow his opinion whether you would agree with it or not. After all, that is his belief system and his own experiences. Could you say that if you grew up in his time, age, and world or as his neighbour, that you wouldn’t have almost the same opinion?
    I know of someone who is very close to me, who has voiced that there is something wrong with gay people. I can’t hate that person for it. I just have to respect that that is what that person believes partially based on that person’s faith.
    Try forgiveness instead of outrage. It works better and is less stressful.


  2. The thing you have to try to remember that the only person he really hurts when he opens his mouth and spouts bull is himself, someone else’s words can only really hurt us if a) they are true b) we believe them to be true or c) we allow them to other than that they just show the speakers ignorance and that is the same no matter what issue they have with us I am not gay but my best friend is, I am however overweight and being fat is yet another thing people believe they have the right to espouse opinions upon, I like to point out I can lose weight but damn you just can’t fix stupid!


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