The closed-minded ones

Okay I realize that only a few days ago I said that I needed a break from blogging; however I’m completely cheesed off right now over this whole Phil Duck Dynasty thing.

I’m glad that A&E has kicked Phil off the show for his homophobic comments; it shows that the fight for equality has come a long way. A few years ago you wouldn’t have heard of someone being thrown off a show for making homophobic remarks.

I do realize that Phil is older, of a different generation, and southern but that doesn’t give him or anyone else the right to talk shit about something of which they know absolutely nothing about; because of his comments he now has supporters who spread the hate even further, and that absolutely disgusts me.

You hear the same thing over and over again about how being gay is a sin and all gays will go to hell. Did any of you stop ever to think that if God didn’t want gay people on this earth then  he wouldn’t have created us. Or that the Bible was written over  two-thousand years ago, and that it is in need of an update? God doesn’t discriminate against two people being in love.

I know that it’s going to take quite a while for closed-minded people to realize that, and that not everyone is going to be for equality because you know that there will always be hate in the world, but it’s just sad to hear about especially it being so close to Christmas.

I just wanted to vent my feelings a bit, I still plan on my continuing with my hiatus and I don’t exactly know when I’ll be back on but I will return at some point.


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