I’m so annoyed right now and saddened. I just heard about another school shooting, in  Denver. Two high school kids were shot, one’s currently in critical condition and the other’s is in better condition.

Another story of a kid walking down the halls in search of him victims, he was looking for a teacher I believe, but was unable to find the teacher and shot two of his peers instead, and then turned the gun on himself.

The worst part about all of this is that it’s around the anniversary of the New Town Community shooting. When in the hell are we going to learn to take this sort of thing seriously? We keep hearing about school shootings more and more, and they seem to be getting worse. I think that all schools across the country should create and enforce a new policy, all students should meet with the school counselors once a week to talk about their feelings, get something off their chest, or say something if they’re being bullied. I think that if there is something that seems off about a student that the counselor has been talking with and the consoler knows that there’s something amiss with the student, then they should report it. Behavior like this just doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s not like a kid wake’s up one morning and thinks, hey I should shoot somebody in school today. There’s always some underline problem or issue that they’re having, and it’s usually noticeable. I think as teachers, counselors and principals. They should be able to recognize when there is something amiss with a student. When they do recognize that the behavior’s changed they need to act. Call in a psychologist and pin point exactly what the problem is with that student. Is it mental, is it constant bullying, could there be something going on at home? Whatever it is should be brought to their attention before something happens and I wish that school officials would wake up and finally realize that.

This world isn’t at all like it use to be, school isn’t like it use to be. Everything that kids are going through nowadays have intensified 110% since the majority of school administrators were in school themselves. I mean think about what we hear on the news anymore. Kids being bullied so badly that they don’t even feel safe at school, teachers coming onto students, kids being attacked for their sexuality, and gender, kids falling behind because the administrators don’t care enough to lift a finger to help the child understand and comprehend the material.

It’s just simply ridiculous and things need to change.

I think that’s enough of my ranting and raving for now. As usual my heart and prayers go out to the student who’s currently in critical condition, and the family. I hope that you make a good recovery.


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