Power outage Part 4

Sorry that the conclusion to this short story has been so delayed, with the holidays last week I got a tad distracted.


Wednesday went as quickly as it came, the weather started to warm up and the snow began to melt; the house even seemed to be warmer; however it wasn’t by much. Our wood supply was getting dangerously low; which was a bit worrisome. Along with the limited supply of wood we were running out of water with the snow melting. That night we were able to scoop up some change to get a gallon of water. We all said that we need to ration it as much as possible; because there was still no word on when the power would be restored.

Thursday mom and I spent the day piling up all of the melting snow. I also walked up the pathway to the woods to look for more wood. I found very little. Feeling frustrated and discouraged I went inside and sat in the parlor. As I laid on the couch I hoped that we’d regain power today. It had been five days. From what we knew as we showered and ate at Heike’s on Tuesday night, was that most of the other towns and cities that had been affected by the blizzard had gained back their power.

A time frame of power outages:

Cities/towns                outage                         regained

Worcester,                  8pm Saturday            2pm Sunday

Auburn,                     8pm Saturday            2pm Sunday

Sturbridge,                 7pm Saturday            10am Monday

Wales,                         7pm Saturday            N/A


Around 3pm as I was checking the fire in the stove when I heard a loud click. I went to investigate the noise and discovered that the lights were on the kitchen. The power had finally been restored after five long days.

The first thing I did was dried my soaking wet boots and washed all of our soaking wet clothes. As the house began to heat up I was listening to my music with a smile on my face, we made it somehow we had made it through. Little did we know that having no heat in the house was just a sign of things to come. On Wednesday night we’d received a complaint letter from our landlords about using our space heaters and a large electric bill from the previous winter. We could no longer use our space heaters, and would spend our winter to come in a freezing cold house with only the wood burning stove for warmth. Then toward the spring we would be asked to vacate the premises, so that our landlord could fix up the house to sell.

That night when my sister pulled into the driveway and when she saw that the lights were on, she was so excited that she locked her keys in the car as she ran inside. We spent the next three hours outside trying to unlock the car, then called roadside assistance and with a touch of a button the car would be unlocked. I know that might not seem like a big deal, but if you’d seen what we tried to do to unlock the car, you would’ve been standing in the driveway in a state of shock as Lisa and I were.

Time frame of the power outage in Wales:

Outage                        Regained

7pm Saturday            3pm Thursday


A list of Emergency supplies for small town folk

1 First aid kit

2 At least 5 to 10 gallons of water

3 Batteries

4 A good supply of wood

5 Matches

6 Emergency cash

7 Hand sanitizer

8 Plenty of dry food

9 Extra blankets

10 A chainsaw or axe


I learned a lot during that experience what to expect, things you should do, things you probably shouldn’t do but more than likely will do out of desperation, and to always fill up the tub if you’re expected to possibly lose power.   


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