An Authentic Thanksgiving

Here’s a family holiday story that I’ve never shared with you before. Like most of my holiday stories this holiday story revolves around my mother and her idea to create an authentic Thanksgiving meal.

At 14 years old my mom had taken over cooking the meals for her family after my grandmother left them. Ordinarily she was a great cook, she really knew her way around a meal, but for Thanksgiving, well let’s just say she got in over her head.

To start off she began make the pumpken pie. She had the crust ready and now she needed pumpken, she cut open a pumpken and scraped out some of the pumpken. Once she had the pie prepared she put it in the oven to bake and then once it was done she set it aside to cool.

Afterward she moved onto the turkey, she cleaned it and stuffed it and put it in the oven. I think if I’m recalling the story correctly she tried to make this stuffing and it might’ve been an old family recipe. After fixing up the stuffing and cooking it she peeled potatoes and basted the turkey.

Once everything was ready she sat the table and everyone sat down hungry for a delicious meal. My grandfather began to cut into the turkey only to discover that the turkey was under cooked and that the gizzard was still intact. (She didn’t realize that you have to remove the turkey guts.) Unfortunately everything went down hill from there, the stuffing didn’t turnout and the pumpken pie was filled with pumpken guts and seeds.

The only bit of the meal that was edible was the mashed potatoes and gravy. Poor mom she tried so hard. I am happy to report that her Thanksgiving meals have gotten much better since.

Does anyone else have a Thanksgiving cooking disaster they’d like to share?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and remember to remove the gizzard. 😉


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