Story world

Every time I read this term in writing fiction for dummies I can’t help but think of children’s books. “Story world,” it sounds like a term you’d hear in a children’s book, doesn’t it? Or perhaps that’s just me.

As I begin to tear apart Jenny Mac I keep thinking of this term. In Jenny Mac’s world I have yet to successfully mix the WIA world in with reality. The WIA as most of you know, is a secret society that has to blend in with the rest of our actual society, if that makes any sense. So far I’ve mixed these world half-assed and I’ve also introduced them in a half-assed way, but this time I’d like to successfully combine these worlds and clarify the importance of WIA’s part in Jenny Mac’s life as well as the rest of society.

Although I haven’t exactly figured that out yet. I think the way I am going to go about building up Jenny’s story world is to write longhand about what exactly the WIA is, what they represent, their goals, way of life, the way they operate, and etc… blah, blah you guys get the point.

However I’m wondering if it would be best to do character bios first; perhaps then I’d have a better idea of how I want to build up Jenny’s story world. I keep the thinking of J.K. Rowling’s story world with Harry Potter and the way she had to mix Harry’s magical world in with the muggle world. I’ve also been thinking about J.R.R Tolken’s story world with Lord of the Rings and his whole middle earth concept; because I’d really like to show the WIA world in their habitat.

If anything this should be a fun puzzle to solve and piece together.


8 thoughts on “Story world

  1. All good questions. I personally spend a lot of time in the musing stage, and spend time thinking about World, then character, then mythology, then theme, and then repeat each of those several times (over weeks) before I begin charting the hard-facts of the tale.


  2. Writing character bios definitely lets you understand your characters better, and once you do that the story seems to write itself; the characters take over and write it for you. In my limited experience with writing, I’ve found that the more I know my characters the easier it becomes to put the story together because I start seeing the world through their eyes, so to speak, and am able to connect the real world to the fantasy world better than I would have.


  3. Creating is always magical with the added bonus that you get to make yourself a God in that respect…I often think that the character/world are symbiotic in many ways and to start with one aspect is to give yourself an insight into the other…or am I just full of it? Lol.


    1. That’s what I love about the creative process it can be so magical. I agree both the characters/world are symbiotical.
      It seems like once you’ve learned that the writing just flows and you’re able to connect the dots.


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