This to all you haters who’s producing all of this negativity.

What’s up with you? Seriously?
I’m done; I’m tired of y’all running your mouths.
Thinkin’ that you know me better than I know myself.

I swear I’ve got 23 years’ worth of all your hurtful words on a shelf.
Well damn I got a plan let’s take all of the negativity and light it up.
Watch it burst into flames like bang.
Watch in explode into the air like a firework and celebrate the fact that we ain’t gonna allow others to shit on our dreams any longer.
Throw your fists up in the air.
Scream it.
Said power to the dreamers, to all the kids with their heads up in the clouds.
Wondering what would it be like to be successful and to have enough money to get by.
Not just to live from check to check.
Damn I’m right here with y’all I know how it feels; I’ve been living this way all throughout my life.
But always dreaming about seeing the light at the end of tunnel and know that everything’s gonna be alright.

Yeah I’m just biding my time.
Screw them haters that say, “Oh you’re never going amount to anything.”
Excuse me for quoting ke$ha but I agree with ya girl.
Give them haters the finger and keep on movin’.
Follow your heart and dreams.

Yeah, you know that’s alright by me.
Just never let those haters get you down.
Don’t let em get in your head.
Uh, no we can’t ever let them win.
This is to all you haters who’ve been producing all this negativity energy.
All of y’all, that are runnin’ your mouths.
I’ve got a plan let’s take all of the negativity, light it up and watch it burst into flames.
Like bang cause we done.


18 thoughts on “Haters

      1. Just have to find the writing side then. You’re getting there. I often think it’s not the world that is against us; it’s we who are against us, reluctant to open up to real self-expression. Always bent on writing what we think people will like, rather than putting out who we are.


  1. Ya, girl if i let the hate messages really get me down all the time it would be endless… i;m painted all over the garbage dumpsters lot have add their very own hate message. i call it renting space in their heads…


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