Certain symptoms of a cold I don’t mind, but the two symptoms I can’t stand; is the, you guessed it the sneezing and runny nose. There’s been nothing in my experience that can stop it, you pretty much just have to let it in run it’s course.

I’ve tried prescription allergy decongestants, cold meds that stay that they quiet the sneezing and runny nose, even those medicines for head colds. Nothing works. 😦

At least by tomorrow I should be passed the constant sneezing and runny nose phase, and then onto the stuffy nose, waking up every hour during the night because I can’t breathe stage. (I kinda had a bit of that last night actually.)

I think the most annoying part of if this stage is the constantly having to stop what you’re doing and blow your nose. (Done this for the second, or third time while writing this post.) Oh well I’d rather have this cold now rather than around or on Thanksgiving.



9 thoughts on “ACHOO!

  1. Eucalyptus oil is a REALLY good decongestant. Mix it with a bit of peppermint oil in a bowl of hot water and your nose should be unstuffed soon after. Hope that works


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