I’ll Be

Baby you can call me at 3am and know that I’ll pick up the phone.
You could tell me your life story and trust me with any secret.
You could ask me to make you a promise and know that I would never break it.
Ooh and baby you could take one look at me and just know that I’ll always be there.
(Chorus I’ll be
The one you can run to.
I’ll be.
Forever by your side.
I’ll be.
There for all of your tears spilled along the way.
I’ll be.
Your light.)
Now I know you’ve had your moments.
(There’s been time that you’ve ran away.)
There’s been times where love hasn’t worked out right.
So you just…
(Run and hide.)
Whenever you think there may be somebody worthwhile in sight.

It’s just your nature to protect your wounded heart.
But you should know that I am not the type to let a wonderful girl like slip away.
Girl I know that you’re scared to love again…
But I know if you let me in, you will never regret it.
Ooh because you could…
Call me at three in the morning and know that I’ll be there.
(whenever you.)
Whenever you need me.
You could tell your life story, and trust me with your secrets.
You could ask me to make you a promise.
(I’ll make you a promise and you know….)
You know I would keep it.
No I would never break it.
You could take one look at me and know.
(That I’ll be right by side.)
(Chorus I’ll be.
The one that you can run to.
I’ll be.
Forever by your side.
I’ll be.
There for all of your tears spilled along the way.
I’ll be.
Your light.)
Now I know that love hasn’t worked out for you in the past.
You tend to run away, because you’ve been hurt so bad.
But baby you can always depend on my love.


13 thoughts on “I’ll Be

  1. Chelsea. Seriously. This is so bad that I almost laughed uncontrollably. Obviously your taste in music is totally different than mine, but I’m okay with a straight-up pop song now and then – but this, holy crap. Feels like a cliche wrapped in lard and slathered on a hot dog. Sorry, I’m sounding mean and don’t mean to be, but I figure you deserve honesty because you always try.


    1. Okay I’m just going to lay down a few thoughts for you. I understand that you think everything that I do is crap, but you do not need to be so rude and so cruel.
      If you want to voice your opinion just tell me that you don’t like it. Do not go off and say something like ” This is so bad I almost laughed uncontrollably.
      But this, holy crap. Feels like a cliche wrapped in lard and slathered on a hot dog.”
      You didn’t just sound mean, you were mean and I don’t need to hear that kind of vulgarity.


      1. You know, I pretty much felt bad about that comment right after I posted it, but I refuse to apologize. If I sucked, I would want someone to tell me. Everyone runs around this place liking stuff so easily and randomly; I think honesty is more important, even if it hurts. I could do it better, I think, but honestly, the only reason I come here is for just how bad the writing is. You don’t seem to care one bit about writing and its quality, which I find endlessly interesting. You consider yourself a writer but are you improving or even trying? I apologize for the mean manner of expressing myself in that comment, but that is all I’m apologizing for. The sentiments are exactly what I feel. If you want people to heap sugar on everything that you write, even if it’s atrocious, you can have the world, but it will not make you better. I would gladly invite you over to my site and comment on why you don’t like something. I have no fear of criticism.


      2. I’m not asking you to apologize because my writing is crap, just for the way you commented so nastily.
        I am trying my best with the writing, but at the moment I have no way to improve it. I’m aware that I need lessons and I certainly don’t think that my writing is the best out there. I do consider myself a writer but in a wanna be kind of way.
        I know that I’ve got a long way to go before I’m going to be a published author, and I’m aware of all of the mistakes I make in punctuation and grammar. I’m sorry if that bothers you and if I don’t stick by the rules, but that’s because I am in no position financially to do everything that needs to be done to get to the next level. I try my best with this blog and I’m appreciative of everyone who gives me advice; because I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just going with what I know and any idea that pops into my head. I know not every single thing I write is going to be loved, or even liked, but I try.
        Sorry if that’s not good enough for your standards, or taste.


      3. You don’t need lessons. You need to practice. Writing style and form comes from learning, sure, but the composition of words and their placement against each other comes from the soul. Are you actually a writer, Chelsea, or do you just want to be rich and famous with a few published books? Writing is hard work. Practice.

        It’s not the grammar and punctuation issues that are the big problem with you. It’s the lack of cohesive voice or style, the absence of narrative, the flipping between points of view, the blandness of characters.

        I know you try. Believe it or not, I am trying to be constructive. It seems to me that you have inflated your own self-worth by that fairly terrible practice of visiting people’s blogs and gathering likes and follows (I’m pretty sure you’re the one that bragged about your blog having exploded all of a sudden). Well, that is a sham, and your following is insubstantial and does not provide much real feedback. You have many followers in your so-called successful blog but no depth or real feedback. You reap what you sow. Forget all that stuff and sit down, and write. Practice your craft if you want to get good at it. Imagine five minutes of Jenny Mac’s life and write six paragraphs around it. Get into your characters and write.

        These are hard lessons, and you don’t take criticism well from what I have seen. Like I said, if you want someone to sugar coat the poor quality of writing that you put out at the moment – if that’s the type of validation you want – you will find those people in abundance. Or, you could stop writing your silly songs and sit down with some hard truths, and write your way into a place of meaning, just by practicing. You apparently have the time – I wish I had the time you did to write. You have the imagination. What you lack is the understanding that writing is more than grammar and punctuation; you appear to be incredibly naive about what writing is, and seem to think that it’s about slapping some words down and someone will buy your book and make you an immediate success. Learn your craft. Work at your craft. Go read Salman Rushdie or something, he is in my opinion the greatest living writer – you don’t have to write like him, but at least get your inspiration from more than just J.K. Rowling (who also knows how to write, by the way).


      4. I’m trying to work on my craft and when I feel it’s ready for people to see I plan on posting some short stories.
        For the record when I said that my blog had exploded I was in shock when I noticed for the first time that people were actually reading it. I can also assure you that I’m in this for the writing. I will also be sure to check out Salman Rushdle. However you will continue to see those songs posted, but you’ll also see new posts that show that I am working on my writing craft.


      5. I don’t know Chelsea. You’re not the only one who runs around liking everything they see on an almost random basis to generate traffic. I don’t see how you can be shocked by the results of an approach that is meant to do exactly what occurred.

        Best of luck. With the writing. Practice and bravery are everything.


      6. For the record, I don’t think you’re different. You have to forget the self-help nonsense that tells you this is the way to fame and glory. Good writing is the key. Anyway, enough from me, I am likely wasting your time and mine.


      7. I don’t know who the hell you think I am, but I’m not looking to get on the fast track to fame. Here’s an idea for you how about you stop judging me and stop acting like you know me.
        You say that your trying to help, but your nasty comments are not helping, you just make things worse.
        I’m not going to continue to deal with your nasty comments or your judgemental attitude. Why don’t you go find someone else to pick on, because I don’t need to hear how much my writing sucks from you again, again and again.


      8. Then stop running around making a joke of yourself trying to generate traffic. You think people are coming to your blog in huge numbers because your writing is good? What you do is so transparent that it’s sick. You don’t like being judged, stop liking everything in the world and start genuinely engaging with people who are putting time and effort into what they do. Otherwise you’re a sham. And yes, I think your writing sucks. Over and over and over. If you can think of another way to get you to wake up and work on what you do, please enlighten me.


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