Throwback post

I’ve written a lot of posts since I started blogging, around 400 I think. I’ve been thinking about older posts. All of the inspiring, humorous, wacky, silly, and of course the posts that revolve around writing; which is probably talked about in 95% of the posts I’ve written, but oh well.

There’s been one post that has stuck out in my mind recently. It’s a good mix of talking about the writing process, inspiring, and a dash of humor.

Let’s see if you remember this throwback post from April 2012.


2 thoughts on “Throwback post

  1. I don’t think I was around here when you wrote this post but a bit of archive digging is always good for the gems of yesteryear. About 400 posts eh? Perhaps you can hire some fireworks for your next landmark post and we can have a par-tay!


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