Synopsis summaries

Next to the query letter the synopsis summary is a difficult little piece of writing. Generally the synopsis is around two pages long, or sometimes you’re limited to one page. Good luck to you if you ever find yourself having to summarize your book within a single page.

I think one of the most daunting things about the synopsis is the idea of having to giveaway the ending of your book. There’s just something about that particular area that I’m sure rubs all writers the wrong way. It’s sort of like kryptonite for a writer, but that’s just the process because agents and publishers need to know the ending before hand.

Like the query letter it’s best to maybe have a notebook handy because summarizing your book into a two-page synopsis can be harder than it may seem. You’ll probably wind up filling up your recycle bin with wads of paper, but you’ll find that with each summary that you’ve thrown out, the closer you’ll come to wrapping up your story within two pages.

You’ll probably start off in the beginning with a three or four page summary. If this happens don’t get discouraged, all that you would need to do is cross out the areas that don’t work, seem to run on, or are just completely dry. As you go on you’ll have it all figured out and trimmed down to the proper amount.

The good news is that once you’ve finished with both the query and synopsis, you’ll be ready to send your baby out into the publishing world. It’s a scary thought I realize, but then you’ll remember why you did this in the first place, to have your voice heard, your story read, loved, and enjoyed.   


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