Break a leg

Today my sister is taking this extremely difficult auto insurance test for her work, and man I hope that she does well. I’ve been helping her study for this exam for about a month. Maybe a little over a month.

We’ve been over the material a good hundred times and every time we go over it I swear it would confuse the hell out of me. There were so many areas that sounded so similar that you really had to watch out, and think the question or definition through. On the plus side I know more about insurance then I’d ever thought I’d know.

I’m glad my sister’s got the whole thing down though.

I’ll tell ya I would suck if I had a job in the insurance game and I tip my hat to Lisa because she really knows the tools of the trade.

Anyway sis good luck, break a leg, and don’t be nervous because you know this stuff backward and forward.





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