Last week a reader asked me if I felt the need to keep up with the media. I said yes, because of the genre that I write in. There’s something about writing in the YA genre I think that makes you feel the need to keep up with the media, and I suppose that it might be because teens are constantly fascinated with the next new and exciting things.

In my personal opinion the vampire book theme has been done to death. (No pun intended.) But this media question really got me thinking. I think in some ways it would all depend upon the writer and their imagination and creativity. If there is a writer out there with this idea to put a new spin on these vampire book theme ideas then go with that idea.

However there’s nothing wrong with coming up with a new idea that hasn’t been done before. If you have the idea and you think that it could really be something great go with it; because there has to be someone out there with a new idea. Who creates a new topic, trend, and something with the media that people will love for a while. Then of course there will be this new trend and it will go on and on.

There really shouldn’t be anything wrong with giving the literally world something new; even though some of them are only after what’s trending, but no one should be afraid of being a trailblazer.

Trailblazers are what make the world. Where would we be otherwise?

Hats off to the inventors, explorers, dreams, tryers, and doers, because they’re true trailblazers.


4 thoughts on “Trailblazers

  1. It takes a special mind to think of the original, or the original takes on something…or the plain lucky. I think that’s why writers are lucky, to create worlds and characters to inhabit them who have no defined parameters to begin with just a blank canvas…I am up for celebrating those guys and gals.


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