I’ve learned a lot of lessons over this past week, and boy do I feel drained.

For those of you that don’t know I like to experiment not just with my writing, but also as I go along this path toward my writing career. Some of these experiments can be a success; like say for instance my blog. It’s successful and has been very helpful for me in terms of what to do as a next step, and also some things I shouldn’t do. That’s thanks to all of you viewers and writers. Who have been down this road, and could tell me from your own experience what would be a good thing to do and what I need to say away from.

However there are times when I do feel like I need to go my own way and try something. Sometimes this has worked out and others have just been a bad, bad, bad idea from the get go. There have also been instances where the road I’ve decided to go down and see where it’ll lead has turned out to be a wash.

My last experiment the one with the editor where; most of you told me not to take that road, but my curiosity peaked and dammit I just had to go down that road. Unfortunately the editor that I did happen to find turned out to be very shady, and it was too much for my own comfort so I walked away.

For those of you out there that are looking for an editor I want to share what I’ve learned.

When you’re looking for a freelance editor make sure that your book is solid because the only time you would want to use a freelance editor is for proofreading. If you do go with a freelance editor for your book to be proofread make sure that a contract is written up. That way both parties know what they’re in for and there are no surprises.

Actually I should’ve mentioned this next step first but when you’re looking for an editor there’s a checklist you should have.

credentials, references, contract, and pricing.

You can find this on their site and if they don’t have it on their site then don’t even bother, especially if there’s no contract or pricing.

Oh yes and if they get offended when you do ask for references, run like hell; because if they are a true professional they would not in any way be offended when you ask them that question.

Remember of course to ask questions from your checklist before any deals are made and if everything checks out with the editor then you’ll be okay.

But do remember contract, contract, CONTRACT!

Otherwise you very well might get screwed over.

Oops I almost forgot thank you to all of you that commented on the Editors post because you really saved me from making a huge mistake.


11 thoughts on “Lessons

      1. Huh. I’m just surprised that the editor let you walk without paying her anything, even though she’d completed your book.


  1. Lesson learned indeed. That said, I proofread for money, I have no website apart my blog. Nobody complained yet. Yet again, if I had to trust my book/writings with someone else, i would go insane with paranoia.
    I love your blog!


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