A long week

It’s been one of those long weeks where you can’t wait for it to end, yet you also find yourself saying, that it has somehow gone by rather fast.

On Monday I had to run back and forth to the car insurance company to make a payment that could not be missed.

On Tuesday I heard back from my editor and she was letting me know that she was about done with the book. That’s good news to hear but also bad because she finished the book faster than I thought she would, so this unfortunately meant that I would need to borrow money to pay her. I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how I was going to this and unfortunately I’m still dealing with this issue. Later that afternoon I found out the my great-aunt had a heart attack the night before, and I still have yet to hear any news as to how she’s doing. I hope she’s alright.

On Wednesday my editor sent me a couple of sample chapters to look at, and I’ve got to say that I’m very impressed and very satisfied with the work she’s done. That night I heard back from a family member that I called to get a number that I had lost.

Luckily Thursday was kind of slow.

That brings me up to today. I spent the morning grocery shopping, this afternoon goes to my blog post and perhaps some writing time. Tonight I have to make a phone call that I am dreading with a capital D. At least once that call is over with I’ll have a good idea as to what to do about payment for my editor.

Why is it that when you have a crazy hectic week it always seems to come with something very upsetting and sad to follow?
Ugh! Thank goodness it’s Friday.


5 thoughts on “A long week

    1. I’ll bet I’ve read a couple of your “Day in the life of Trent” posts. You’ve got a wife, kids and a full-time job, and not enough hours in the day, if I’m remembering that post correctly.
      You’ve a got a lot on your plate.


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