Slow down

After reading through the book I think I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out. This whole trying to get published thing has been one giant learning experience.

When I was reading through the book I noticed a lot of tiny errors here and there that could have easily been fixed, and all I could think was… I omg, and shake my head in annoyance with myself.

The next time around when I’m wrapping up work with my second book I’m going to make sure to slow down, and not think… Okay I’ve got to get this done, gotta send it into my editor. Nope I’m going to say to myself, okay you’ve written the book now you need to slow down and carefully go over the work.

Once I’ve carefully read through each and every page then I’ll send it in. At least then It’ll actually look like I took my time and didn’t rush.

To all you wannabe writers out there with an editor take my advice; relax, slow down, and carefully read through your masterpiece before sending it in.


8 thoughts on “Slow down

  1. I have a writing friend who swears by Beta readers. Maybe a thought for just before you o send out the final
    Good luck and good writing (and don’t forget to slow down). 🙂


  2. Good writing, or should I say rewriting, does not arrive all at once. I’ve found myself slowing down, too. Letting it sit before going through it once more. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. It’s hard to catch every mistake even when you’re going through the text with a fine tooth comb. Sometimes, it’s a problem of getting caught up in the readin that you might fever you’re looking foe mistakes- I know I fell into that several times. And even with beta readers, youve got to find some who are willing to tie the time to read and critique your work. At least you have an editor…


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