Now this is how things should go down between Kelsey and Shane.

[Fifteen minutes goes by and Kelsey is sitting in the living room waiting nervously for Shane’s arrival.

Shane knocks at the front door and Kelsey lets him in.]

[Kelsey greets him and then they go upstairs to her room.]

[Shane’s sitting on Kelsey’s bed and Kelsey is sitting on her computer chair, looking down at the floor nervously.]

Shane: So what’s up you wanted to talk to about something important I’m guessing?

Kelsey: Yeah I have something I want to tell you.

Shane: Kels say no more, you’re finally coming out this is wonderful. So is there a girl you like or something?

[Shane smiles and winks.]

Kelsey: No, I’m not a lesbian, but I am coming out to you though.

[Shane looking confused.]

Shane: Huh?

Kelsey: I’m transgender.

[Shane examines Kelsey for a moment and then smiles a large smile.]

[Shane points his finger at her and wags it.]

Shane: I knew that there was something you were having trouble coming to terms with. So how long have you known?

Kelsey: A few years now.

Shane: Cool, cool, so is that why you broke up with me? Or are you into girls as I’ve suspected all along?

Kelsey that is part of the reason I broke up with you in junior high, and yes I do like girls.

[Shane leaps up from her bed and jumps up and down with excitement.]

Shane: Yes! I knew it! I knew that you were attracted to girls. So you got any lined eh?

[Shane winks.]

Kelsey: Well there is this one girl.

[Shane smiles even wider than before.]

Shane: Oh who is it?

Kelsey: Greta Rucksford.

[Shane looks excited.]

Shane: Really?

Kelsey: Yes.

Shane: Does she know?

[Kelsey suddenly looking very shy and nervous says…]

Kelsey: No are you crazy.

[Shane puts his hands up.]

Shane: Whoa hey sorry, I saw you getting into her car after school and I just thought.

Kelsey: Nope there’s nothing going on between us, she was just giving me a lift.

[Shane looking a little disappointed.]

Shane: Dang really?

[Kelsey nods.]

Shane: Okay, well I have some questions for you about this transgender thing.

[Kelsey rolls her eyes and smiles.]

Kelsey: Of course you do, well go on.

Shane: Okay, so would you get a sex change?

Kelsey: Yes whenever I can get the money together.

Shane: Okay, would you where those binders, packers, and use the those little medicine spoons to learn how to pee like a dude?

Kelsey: Yes, yes, and yes.

[Shane lets out an obnoxiously long, Ooh.]

[Shane getting even more excited as he thinks of more questions to ask.]

Shane: I’ve got a good question for you.

[Kelsey shakes her head and rolls her eyes.]

Shane: Do you have a name for yourself?

Kelsey: Yes.

[Shane wide-eyed with excitement.]

Shane: What is it? What is it? Tell me, tell me.

Kelsey: Alright down boy down. It’s Chester.

Shane: Shane Marcus how’s it going Chester Beckman?

[Chester shakes Shane’s hand.]

[Chester in a more masculine voice.]

Chester: It’s going well and yourself my fellow guy?

Shane: Quite well, it’s a great day to be a man eh?

Chester: Yes wonderful.

[Shane and Chester laugh.]

Chester: I can’t believe you’re so cool with this. I just came out to my grandparents and they freaked.

Shane: You’re my best friend naturally I would support you.

Chester: I’m glad, thanks.

[Shane smacks a hand to Chester’s shoulder.]

Shane: Of course buddy.

[Shane: Looks at the time on his phone.]

Shane: Shoot I’ve got to get going.

Chester: Okay.

Shane: But don’t worry buddy I got your back and I’ll always be here for you.

Chester: Thanks man.

Shane: Yep.

[Shane and Chester give each other a one-armed hug and fist bump. Afterward Shane exits the room and leaves for home.]


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