A writer’s skills

For some people writing is something that is looked at as a hobby; something to do in your spare time, or when the mood strikes. Some of those people have lost the ability to dream and have more than likely settled in to the typical 9 to 5 job. Writers on the other hand rely their ability to dream.

There’s a specific skill set that comes with being a writer; we rely on our creativity, imaginations, and our ability to daydream excessively, and it’s only when all of these elements mix together that they form a writer.

But there’s something else that also forms and it’s something that we see every time we read an authors work. An author is able to express their innermost thoughts in a way that only artists can. We communicate our message through every sentence, every paragraph, and every page. Expressing ourselves and of course or unique writing style.

When we’re able to communicate properly through our work, we’re able to capture the reader’s attention as well as their imagination, and that is what truly makes a writer, is their ability to communicate what they’ve created to the reader.

These are the skills that a writer must rely on; because without our creativity, imagination, ability to dream, daydream, and communicate our written work, we’re just another 9 to 5 everyday Joe, who’s lost their ability to dream.

That’s why we’re writers; because we refuse to let go of our creative side as well as our imaginations. They’re a part of we are and they’re a part of our skills.


10 thoughts on “A writer’s skills

  1. I don’t think you can truly define who is and who isn’t a writer based on intangible things like their creativity, drive, and dedication anymore than you can based on tangible things like the number of times they’ve been published, how many zeroes are in their royalties checks, or how many followers they have on WordPress. I know, it sounds like anyone could wear the mantle “writer” just as easily as you or I, and maybe that doesn’t seem fair.

    I think to fall into that categorization of artists is a disservice to art. True art deserves no label, no genre, no definition. True art just exists in and of itself … and so do true artists.

    Our society demands that we label ourselves, that we follow temporal regulations, and that we actively seek to follow the predetermined paths set by the billions of humans that have preceded us. We don’t have to give into society’s demands – I don’t have to write this post in English, or be nice to you, or ever read a single word you ever write. But I do, I am, and I have and will.

    I could smear monkey blood on a rock and swear it was God’s Honest Truth to the world and it would be if i believed it. My perception of the universe is the only one I can trust, because I’ll never really see it through another being’s eyes in this lifetime.

    If I say that I am a writer, and I believe it, then that is all that matters – not what some magazine editor who played the game like every other cookie-cutter, college graduate, failed writer who thought four years of British Literature equals instantaneous Wodehouse/Tolkienesque superpowers, thinks about my created universe.

    You separate yourself and your art from the rewards, accolades, praise, and acceptance that you think it deserves – then you’re an artist. It’s not an exclusive club of people that spend twenty-four hours a day writing and writing and writing, and submitting and submitting and submitting, and getting rejected over and over and over. It’s not a right of passage where every aspiring writer gets whipped endlessly by the sharpened tongues of the wise and ancient writer gods of yore.

    Those things are the game. You play that game, and it will play you.

    My advice is don’t play the game. Just write. Just be yourself.

    That’s art. That’s it.

    I write in my spare time, when the mood strikes, when I have a free hour, when I should be working, when I have things to do, while I shower, while I dream, while I tune out what other people are saying to me. I work 40+ hours a week, and spend the rest of my time with my life partner and one true love – but I am an artist 24 hours a day.

    And there’s nothing the cute and fuzzy bunnies can do about it.


    1. When I said “For some people writing is something that is looked at as a hobby; something to do in your spare time, or when the mood strikes.” It was meant in sense that there are those out there who don’t understand what it’s like to have a dream. Some people are bitter and can’t understand why you wouldn’t just settle for a 9 to 5 job, and the rest with the “creativity” and “imagination” was meant to say that some people can’t write. Not everyone could be a doctor or a lawyer and I think the same can be said for writers. I also meant nothing against those who can only write in their spare time, I know people that have a full time jobs and can only write when they have time.


      1. Please don’t think I misinterpreted what you were trying to say. I think you give people more credit than I do. I write in circles – I’m attacking me, not you. I just follow your blog and have never taken the time to reply to something you’ve written. Some people are bitter, yes, but I think those people are the failed dreamers … the rest are stupid. Harsh, I know. But then again, I’m a writer – and bitter. See? Circles.

        I believe you are a writer. I just want you to know that I also think you’re an artist even if you never set pen to page, or finger to key, as it were.


  2. Sometimes, we need that mind-numbing 9-5 just so we can activate our imagination to escape from all that…
    Still, it takes something extra to take those dreams and put them to words, yes?


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