Meet Nala

IMG_0711Meet Nala I rescued her from the street last night. The poor little thing was in desperate need of food, water, and a bath.

She’s such a sweetheart; she actually cuddled up with me on my couch. I’ve never met a cat that was so fearless and so loving right off the bat.

Dang I can’t believe I have three cats now. As I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep this random thought crossed my mind.

cat ladyActually it wasn’t so much of a thought, but more like a tiny fear that I might wind up being the crazy cat lady.

Actually I love most animals so I might wind up being this crazy animal lady; with cats, dogs, rabbits, salamanders, and birds.

Oh well I’d rather care for an animal instead of just letting them continue to be homeless with no loving owners.

I love little defenseless babies. ❤


10 thoughts on “Meet Nala

  1. Cats are the best. Neil Gaiman has a cat. (A lot of writers have cats.)

    I’ve no fear of becoming a crazy cat lady… I’m either all ready one, or on my way! We found this little black kitten in our backyard one day, and for weeks and weeks I tried to catch it. My dog traumatized her so much that she refused to come into our house. We fed her outside, and she started fattening up…and then fattening up… She was a little too plump for food’s sake, but I couldn’t be sure. (She was too ferrel to catch and take to the vet.) So I waited. Low and behold, a few weeks later, she had a litter of 5. FIVE! Two black, two mackerel, and one gray. We found home for the blacks and gray, but I was so torn between the two mackerels that we kept putting off getting one them another home. Eventually my mom and I just stopped bothering about it and went on with our daily lives. It was about 6 months later before my dad realized our trickery and that we suddenly (not really all that suddenly) had 3 cats (the two mackerels, inside, and their mama, outside)… What fun!


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