A good boyfriend but a great buddy

[Shane’s sitting on Kelsey’s bed and Kelsey is sitting on her computer chair, looking down at the floor nervously.]

Shane: So what’s up you wanted to talk to about something important I’m guessing?

Kelsey: Yes, um you see I- I don’t really where to begin.

Shane: Oh boy it one of those talks, so why do you want to break up with me?

Kelsey: Well it’s certainly not what you’re more than likely thinking I’m sure. You see I like girls.

Shane: So I picked a lesbian out of the bunch, great.

Kelsey: Oh no, no, no I’m not a lesbian.

Shane: Didn’t you just tell me that you like girls?

Kelsey: Yes, but I’m not a lesbian.

Shane: So your bi? Or you think your bi?

Kelsey: No I’m not a lesbian and I’m not bi.

[Kelsey takes a breath.]

Kelsey: I’m transgender.

Shane: What?

Kelsey: I- I- I’m transgender and I am not attracted to boys.

Shane: So this is a break up then?

Kelsey: Wait you’re not mad?

Shane: I’m angry about the break up, but I’m not mad that you’re Trans.

Kelsey: Really?

Shane: Yeah.

Kelsey: Wow you’re taking this a hell of a lot better than I thought you would.

Shane: How did you expect for me to react?

Kelsey: Well I didn’t think that you would be this calm.

Shane: Come on Kels you know me better than that. When have you ever seen me make fun of anyone with a gender identity crisis?

Kelsey: Never.

Shane: I’ve never told you this, but I have a cousin that’s transgender.

Kelsey: You do?

Shane: Yeah, she wants to be a woman and she use to date women when she use to identify as a man, but then once she came out she told the family that she was interested in men.

Kelsey: Whoa.

Shane: Yeah, when he first came out I didn’t understand him at all, but then once we actually sat down and talked about it I was finally able to understand it. From what I understand it’s a long a difficult road to go down.

Kelsey: Yeah, I’ve read all about it.

Shane: So you know that this is not going to be a walk in the park?

Kelsey: Yep I know and I’ve already got a sample of it when I came out to my grandparents.

Shane: Oh, what happened?

Kelsey: They hate me and now want nothing to do with the family.

Shane: I’m sorry Kels.

Kelsey: My mom said that it was for the best anyway.

Shane: She’s absolutely right; you don’t need that kind of negative energy around you. This whole transition is going to be difficult enough.

Kelsey: Yeah, I know, it sucks though.

Shane: It’ll be okay, and who knows they might actually come around one day.

Kelsey: Maybe.

Shane: So what’s going to happen with you? Are you going to start dressing like a guy and start using the guy’s bathroom?

Kelsey: Soon I will, but for now I think I’ll just start with the clothes and haircut.

Shane: I understand it’s something that you have to ease into.

Kelsey: Exactly.

[Shane smiles and nods.]

Shane: So do you have a name for yourself yet?

Kelsey: Yeah it’s Chester.

Shane: Sup I’m Shane nice to meet ya Chester.

Chester: It’s nice to meet you too dude.

[Shane and Chester laugh.]

Shane: Just so you know, even though we’ve officially broken up, I’d still like to be your buddy.

Chester: Alright my first buddy as a dude.

[Shane laughs.]

Shane: And if anything happens at school when you come out, don’t worry I got your back.

Chester: Cool thanks man.

Shane: No prob.

[Chester and Shane give each other a one-armed hug and fist bump.]

Shane: So I’ll see you at school tomorrow?

Chester: for sure.

Shane: Sick, oh and if you need help with any type of guy stuff, or have any questions just ask.

Chester: Alright thanks.

Shane: No prob, see ya.

Chester: See ya.

[Chester and Shane fist bump each other than Shane goes home.]


4 thoughts on “A good boyfriend but a great buddy

  1. Interesting.. The guy wasn’t very animated at all and I didn’t feel much emotion here but I appreciate your message here. Thank you for posting this 🙂


  2. I agree with prosemachine–the conversation is a little bit too easy for me. It’s quite “oh! sure! yup! okay!” and that’s very much not how it goes in most cases. I don’t get a whole lot of emotion from either of them at all.

    Also, I want to jump in here and say be careful to avoid conflating being transgender with being attracted to certain genders. Just because he’s a trans* guy doesn’t necessarily mean he’s only attracted to women, just like that. I would expect some internal conflict about sexuality rather than a snap break-up (unless the break-up is out of panic, which it doesn’t seem to be).


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