Skunk in the bushes (Part 3)

I’m going to be honest after the first “Skunk in the bushes,” I didn’t think that there would be a part 2. After part 2 I didn’t think that there would be a part 3, but here it goes.

So I’m letting my dogs out last night and the first dog Reggie was very good, he did his business and so moved onto the second dog Lincoln and that’s where the story begins.

Lincoln my yellow lab gives me trouble when in comes to actually doing his business 9 time outta 10. Last night was no different, being a lab he likes to sniff the ground and see if he can find food. I’m usually getting annoyed with him at this point because I just wanted him to pee, and get back inside.

Anyway I’m out there with for a good five minutes trying to get him to go when an animal in the hedges in the distance catches his eyes. So being the lab that he is he bolts after it. I lost my grip on the leash and ran after him quickly. When this dog’s loose god help you; however this time I got lucky because he stopped in the hedges.

Once I got a hold of him I found out why, he’d chased after a skunk and pissed it off so bad that I too was sprayed in the process. Did you know that if a skunk sprays you and he’s really, really pissed off his spray smells more like gasoline, than his regular stench.

It’s god awful by the way.

Thanks to Lincoln my apartment smells terrible, and there’s nothing that I can do about bathing him because it’s too cold.

Oh why couldn’t he have gotten sprayed last week when it was 90 degrees outside.

You know the skunks must really like me and my dogs.


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