I’ve never met anyone who’s as afraid of snakes as my sister.

Yesterday morning I was visiting with my mom and sister and my sister and I were arguing; something that we do at least 6 1/2 days out of the week.

Usually when we get to the point where the argument has become ridiculous our mom usually steps in and settles the argument. In the case of yesterday morning she was the judge of an email we were fighting about.

My sister had written this email of protest that she was passionate about, and because she did not like my comments about the email she asked our mom to be the judge of it.

My mother was outside doing yard work, so my sister wanted to bring her laptop outside to read the email. Little did my sister know that while my mother was taking a break she was taking to this neighborhood boy.

This in ordinary circumstances would not have been a big deal; however wrapped around the boy’s shoulders was a large snake. My sister walks outside with the laptop in hand and me walking out behind her.

I wish that I had my video camera.

She sees the large snake, screams bloody murder, turns around and nearly ran me over in the process of running back into the house, and slams to front door shut.

Her legs were trembling and there was a quiver in her voice. “What’s the matter?” I asked, wondering what the hell she nearly ran me down for.


I look out the door and gave a chuckle trying not to LMAO.

My sister ran from the hallway back into the apartment and locks the door; while I went outside to checkout the snake, from a safe distance of ten feet, and laughed at my sister.

My mom was already laughing her ass off. The boy leaves and my mom and I told my sister that it was safe to come outside and that the snake was gone.


My mom and I roll our eyes and come back inside. My sister won the email argument, but mom and I had a good laugh, as I hope that you have.


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