Pauly the Cockatoo

cockatooMeet Pauly my new favorite character in my screenplay.

He’s a cockatoo with attitude and he’s not afraid to show it.

He is just one of those characters who loves to cause trouble for Chester and he does a great job of doing so when you’re first introduced to him.

Daisy: Okay so Kelsey has opened up about something which was very difficult for her to do, and I think that we should all applaud her for that.

George: Yes, we’re aware that, that wasn’t at all easy for you to say Kels so good job.

Sally: Good job, she’s transgender.

[Pauly the cockatoo begins to squawk and flap his wings.]

Daisy: Settle down Pauly.

Pauly: (squawks) Transgender, transgender (squawks) she’s transgender (squawks).

[Kelsey slaps her hand to her forehead and shakes her head.

Narrator: That bird.

Mom bought this pet cockatoo when I was ten and named him Pauly, and God I hate that damn bird. He always manages to get me into trouble, and he still does it to this day whenever I visit my folks.

I love this bird, I love his little attitude and everything about him.

Of course this will not be his only appearance in the screenplay. Pauly’s purpose is to bring a bit of laugher into each scene that he’ll be apart of, and he does at either when the tension is high in a scene, or dramatic. So during those difficult moments you’re able to get a good laugh from this little cockatoo.

If this screenplay were to ever transition into movie form I think everybody would get a kick out of Pauly.

After all who doesn’t love a bird with attitude.


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