Chester scene 7 part 3

Today I’ve finally been able to pick up where I left off with my screenplay, so I thought I’d share the end of scene 7 with y’all.

[Kelsey and Lester walked back down stairs and as they entered the kitchen they heard the doorbell ring.

Lester went to answer the door while Kelsey finished setting the table.]

[Grandpa Carl and Grandma Sally entered the kitchen with Lester following in behind them.]

Sally: Well Carl would you take a look at our granddaughter; my goodness she’s blossomed into a young woman.

Carl: Oh my yes she has, you must feel so proud Daisy.

Daisy: Oh yes I’m very proud of my little girl.

[Daisy walks over to the table and gives her parents a hug.]

Daisy: You two look terrific.

Sally: So do you dear.

[Sally looks her daughter over from head to toe.]

Sally: Oh.

Daisy: What is it mom?

Sally: Nothing.

Daisy: Oh okay.

Sally: It’s just that it looks like you’ve gained a couple of pounds there sugar pie.

[Daisy looking offended.]

Daisy: Actually mom I’ve just lost fifteen pounds.

Sally: Oh well then you look great.

[Sally smiles a very phony smile.]

Daisy: So mom how long will you two be staying with us again?

Sally: Goodness dear didn’t we just go over this when I called you this afternoon?

Daisy: Yes, but silly me I forgot.

Sally: Well we’ll be staying with you for a week.

[Daisy trying to hide for disappointment says.]

Daisy: A week, a whole entire week, well, that’s, that’s wonderful.

Sally: Yes now sweetie could ya move out-of-the-way, we want to greet Kelsey.

[Grandpa Carl and Grandma Sally both gave Kelsey big hugs.]

Narrator: Grandpa and Grandma loved me to pieces but after I tell everyone my secret, it makes me wonder if they’d ever hug me like this again.

[The kitchen door opens and more conversations begin when George comes home from work.]

[George has a big smile on his face when he walks in and sees his in-laws.]

George: Well hey there Carl and Sally, I didn’t know that you two were coming down for a visit.

[George gives them hugs.]

George: How have you both been?

Carl and Sally: Wonderful.

George: That’s terrific.

[George greets Daisy and the kids.]

Narrator: One great thing about dad was that he was always in a great mood; in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a bad one. He was always smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes. He was the only person that could break the tension between us and family members if a fight was about to breakout.

George: Hey babe, is dinner almost ready? I’ve had a long day and I am starving.

Daisy: Yes it is, everybody take your seats while I get it on the table.

[Daisy puts her fresh salad on the table, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and hot dinners rolls that were fresh out of the oven.]

Sally: Ooh, everything looks so delicious sugar pie.

Daisy: Thank you mom.

[Everyone eats their dinner in silence and the only time there was conversation is when somebody asked for something.]

Narrator: Dinner was so silent and that was kind of creepy, but this usually happened when our grandparents would come for a visit. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

Once mom put desert on the table I had made up my mind I was going to tell them and just get it over with. With it still eerily silent around the table what came blurting out of my mouth sent shocking and puzzled stares my way.

[Kelsey blurts out quickly.]

Kelsey: I’ve been struggling with this for a few years and I thought that I should just let you all know that I am transgender.

[Grandpa Carl and Grandma Sally looks at Kelsey with puzzled faces.

Daisy and George look at Kelsey and are looking a little shocked.]

[Lester darts his eyes back and forth nervously between his parents and grandparents, and then rests his eyes on Kelsey, at a total loss for words.]

Daisy: What was that pumpkin?

[Kelsey makes sure to slow her next sentence down a bit.]

Kelsey: I’ve thought about this a lot and I thought that I should just let you all know that I’m transgender.

[Daisy and George look at Kelsey for a moment and then breakdown laughing.]

Daisy: Oh honey I know.

George: Yes it’s been obvious to us for quite a while now.


Daisy: Oh sweetie you use to walk around the house shirtless when you were little; because you wanted to be like your brother.

Lester: Oh yeah I forgot about that. It’s true you totally did dude.

George: Yeah you even said to us that you wanted to be a boy.

Kelsey: I did?

George: Oh yeah.

Daisy: Hey remember when Kelsey use to go into Lester’s closet and dress up in his clothes.

[Daisy and George laugh as they reminisce.]

Sally: Transgender.

[Sally takes a startling breath.]

Sally: You mean that you want to be like one of those freaks that, that.

Carl: Who wants to change their sex?

Kelsey: Actually Grandpa it’s really a matter of feeling comfortable and I don’t feel comfortable as a female.

[Carl shakes his head in disgust.]

Sally: But that’s the way God made you. Why would you want to destroy his work?

Kelsey: Grandma I think that God made me transgender because he knows that I’m strong and maybe I’m supposed to be a trailblazer.

[Sally becomes aggravated.]

Sally: You’re such a pretty young lady Kelsey and I, I frankly just don’t understand this one bit.

Daisy: Okay mom and dad you’re in shock from the news, why don’t we all just finish eating and then continue this conversation.

[Sally and Carl give Daisy dirty looks, as they angrily dug their folks into their pieces of Apple Pie.]

[Everyone ate in silence to the sounds of folks scratching the bottom of plates.]


2 thoughts on “Chester scene 7 part 3

  1. “Daisy: So mom how long will you two be staying with us again?

    Sally: Goodness dear didn’t we just go over this when I called you this afternoon?

    Daisy: Yes, but silly me I forgot.

    Sally: Well we’ll be staying with you for a week.”

    Cut this or add an earlier scene where this is talked about with the family before the grandparents get there. This is totally unrealistic in actual conversation. It’s called expository dialogue and it’s one of the things an editor will ream you for.


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