Deadline? Hmm?

Since I officially only have four more chapters to go until the book is finished; I feel like I should set a deadline for myself.

If I work through the weekend I could finished the book by Sunday, and then on Monday go through it.

On Tuesday I should go through it one more time just to be safe, and then I could send it into my editor on Tuesday afternoon.

However on the weekends I usually like to take a break. Heck I need the break to reboot and recharge, but if I finish the book over the weekend I can relax once I send it in.

I should set this deadline, but I don’t want to rush especially when it’s crunch time for the book. However a little push never hurt anybody. Right?

I think I am going to set up this deadline so that I can charge to the finish line, that and to be able to say it’s done. Well provided that my editor doesn’t find anything wrong with the storyline.

Deadline it is.


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