Almost there

After completing two more chapters I have figured out the rest of the story. I’m happy to say that I only have a few more chapters to go.


This is very exciting, I only hope that my editor will like all of the work I’ve done in this re-write.

So I can’t give you too much info on the book, but I think it’ll be around a 200 page read, so that’s very cool, and I can definitely say that this story will keep you in suspense with plenty of tension. It’s definitely a nail bitter, mixed with a lot of emotion, drama, a bit of humor, and well I can’t say anymore. However I think that you’ll be entertained and dare I say unable to put the book down.

At least I hope so, I don’t want to sound like an arrogant ass, but I do feel really good about this story and the way it’s turned around for the better. I haven’t always felt like that with re-writes; except that I was maybe getting closer to a better story, but this time I really feel like it’s where it should be.

Finally after 8 years worth of re-writes I was actually able to sculpt out and good re-write.

Yay, Yay, Yay. 🙂


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