Crack the whip!

Yesterday I received an email from my editor wanting to know when I would be sending my MS in to her, so that she can work it into her schedule.

I wish that I could’ve been able to tell her exactly when I would be able to send the MS to her. But I knew that I couldn’t, the only thing I know right now for certain is that I’ve got seven chapters under my belt.

At least editors know how it is when it comes to writing and what you’re trying to complete. They’re very understanding. I wish some of my family members knew, or at least would have a bit of insight as to how much work writing is. As well as the energy it takes, but unfortunately if you’re not getting paid at the end of the week some of family can only see writing as hobby; they also look at the downside to writing and the lack there of, of getting your work published. “What if you don’t get published?” At this point I always consider hanging up the phone, I haven’t yet though.

To me there’s a few things that could certainly push you in the right direction.

1. Drive/Determination

2. Taking advice from writers, editors, and publishers

3 Crack the Whip! Work through all of your struggles with your story and keep pushing it to be the very best it can be.

4. Don’t let negative people crush your dreams, or influence you in any way

If you can stay focused and keep pushing yourself through then nothing can stop you; because it’s a person’s drive that can get them places in life.

As for me I have to get going and commence work on chapter 8.

See ya tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Crack the whip!

  1. For years I had a poster on the back of my office showing a cat hanging by its clawed paws from the limb of a leafless tree. The caption read: Hang in there! When I really needed to take a stance I found closing the door to be most helpful. Unfortunately, the poster died but I’m a writer so I am still hanging in there. Looks to me like you are proving yourself as a writer and gaining recognition at a great pace, your writings prove that. Perhaps those placing hurdles in your career path should take the time to READ some of what you’ve written. …


    1. I love those kinds of posters; they put out such a positive message. I’m glad to here that you’re still hanging in there. Kudos to you for that. 🙂 It seems like writers do there best when they’re “Hanging in there.”
      I am definitely trying to prove myself as a writer. Perhaps those who do place those hurdles should read what I’ve written, I agree with you on that note. 🙂


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