Back to writing

Well on Friday I finished off my week by completing chapter six. I’m very pleased with my progress; because on Friday I reached the two-week mark. At that point I’d been working on my book revisions for two weeks and completed five chapters. For me that’s pretty damn good.

I took the weekend off to reboot and now that I have it’s back to work. I started thinking about chapter seven and what I planned to do in this chapter, it’s an important chapter because it officially introduces the WIA, and what they do, how they function, etc… It should be a very enlightening chapter.

I have to say that this book is really starting to come together; last week it was kinda iffy. I promised that the book was still going to have all of the elements that you my fans liked, or are most interested in. I basically hit a wall last week as to how was going to keep all of these elements in this book, but I think I’ve got it figured out.

Once this book sees daylight I think you’ll like it even more than before. Hell it should be a lot better than it was before… At least I hope so.

Well it back to work with new ideas and new chapters… It’s back to writing.


2 thoughts on “Back to writing

  1. All those marathon runners hit the wall and they get through it, so I know that you will…it’s all coming together now and it is exciting times all round. On an unrelated note, my heels ache.


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