Chester scene 7 part 2

[Kelsey hears her brother’s truck pull up in the driveway and she goes downstairs to greet him.]

[Lester and Mom are talking as Kelsey comes downstairs.]

Lester: Dinner smells great mom.

Mom: Thank you honey why don’t you sit down it’ll be ready soon.

[Lester sits at the kitchen island.]

Lester: Am I in your way mom?

Mom: No sweetie you’re fine.

[Kelsey walks into the kitchen.]

Lester: Hey, how was your day of school?

Kelsey: It was good, how was yours?

Lester: Draining, I’ve got three major homework assignments from three of my professors.

Kelsey: That sucks.

Lester: Well whatever it’s college so.

Mom: Would you two mind setting the table?

Lester and Kelsey: Sure.

Mom: Thank you; be sure to set two extra places please.

Kelsey: Two extra? Who’s coming over for dinner?

Mom: My parents.

Lester: Grandpa and Grandma are here?

Mom: Yes, I got a call from your grandfather at around 1:30 this afternoon, and apparently they’re coming in for a surprise visit.

Kelsey: Oh, for how long?

Mom: I think he said they’d be staying a week.

Kelsey: Oh, Hey Les? Could I see you upstairs for a minute?

Lester: Sure.

Kelsey: Cool, we’ll be right back mom.

Mom: Okay.

[Kelsey and Lester hurry up the stairs and to her room.]

Kelsey: A surprise visit?

Lester: Chester it’ll be-

Kelsey: A week Les man, a week!

What am I going to do?

Lester: Maybe you could postpone your announcement.

Kelsey: No I’ve already made up my mind and if I go back on my decision then I’ll never be able to get up my courage to tell them again.

Lester: Okay so tell them.

Kelsey: Tell them, you know what our grandparents are like.

Lester: Their only a little closed-minded.

Kelsey: Only a little closed- ARE YOU NUTS?!

Do you remember how much they always made fun of a gay person if they saw one out on the street or if there was a gay person on TV? They would say, hey would you look at the fagot and laugh.

Lester: Well you’re not gay.

Kelsey: Do you actually think that that’s what they’ll focus on?

Lester: Okay, you’re right I retract my last statement.

[Kelsey groans and collapses on her bed.]

Kelsey: I have to tell them, no matter how the grandparents are going to react.

Lester: Alright I’ll support you one hundred percent, but you do know that mom and dad will be on your side no matter what right?

Kelsey: I think so.

Lester: They will be.

Kelsey: Okay.

Lester: We should get back downstairs to set the table.

[Kelsey groans.]

[Lester pulls Kelsey up from her bed.]

Lester: Come on it’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Kelsey: I hope that your right.


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