Next chapter


I’ve worked through two chapters within the past three days and I’m very happy with the results of the last two chapters.

However with this next chapter I feel like I’m going to have much more drama than the pervious one; which is good because with every book you need to have a little drama to keep things interesting.

The issues I will have address with chapter four is the funeral for Jenny’s parents, and moving Jenny’s things into Brenda’s house. I’m not quite sure if I want to make these issues into two separate chapters, or get it all out-of-the-way in one big sweep.

I have a feeling that it would be best to stretch them out into two chapters; to drag out the tension between the characters.

I think I might’ve just solved my own dilemma.

In that case I’d love to knock out two more chapters today if possible and then take a break from writing for the weekend.

I think that’ll be my plan for today if I am not too fried from writing all week. If I do get tired though there’s alway caffeine lots and lots of caffeine. 😉

Have a good weekend everybody and Happy TGIF 🙂


7 thoughts on “Next chapter

  1. Hahah I love how you started off this post unsure of whether or not to do them in one chapter or two separate ones, then you decided anyway! The wonderful world of writing. Solving dilemmas as you write.

    Good luck and keep it up!:)
    Make sure you get some rest though, don’t want you to burn out 😮 That’d be baaaaddd. Reaaaaaal bad. 😛


  2. I haven’t worked on my writing in some time, I think my writing mojo had fled to another country or continent.
    As a saying goes, if you’re unsure with which path to follow, take a step forward and see what happens.


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