More character bios and more chapters

I spent the weekend working on Joseph Johnson’s character bio and now that I know him inside and out, front to back, and up and down I’ve come to one conclusion… He’s seriously one nasty villain.

Everything that he has done in his life you won’t believe, where his been and what he plans to do next will shock you.

I feel like once I’m done with this rewrite that it will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Now it’s onto a new chapter and a new character bio. I think the next character bio will be The WIA. I think that Brenda and Jenny are easy to get right now; however I do think that Ginger Wolf, Jason Simpson, and Molly Johnson will need to have character bios.

I think there may be a few more characters after that, but I’ll see where the story goes. One thing’s for certain I’m going to be pretty busy.


4 thoughts on “More character bios and more chapters

  1. I love finding people out there who are passionate about writing. As a new author myself, I love to get inspiration from others who are on this crazy journey. Can’t wait to read more!


  2. Hi! I have been browsing your posts on character bios for the last few days and have to say I’m inspired! I actually tried to sit down and work on one a few days ago and thought, ‘nah this isn’t for me’. However ever since then I haven’t been able to quite get it out of my head. Then, I realized I was going about it the wrong way completely. I needed to look at motivations, thoughts and feelings, not the surface stuff. I’m on something like my 30th revision of draft one and now I see revisions number 31 in the future!


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