Skunk in the bushes: The sequel

Do any of you remember my post from last year about my dog being sprayed by a skunk? Well if you liked that post then you’re certainly going to like this post.

Last night around 10pm my sister was letting her dog out; she had no problems with him, he went potty and did his business. So she takes him inside and grabs my dog Reggie to let him out, and just as my sister gets off of the porch with him he immediately sees something in our hedges.

When Reggie sees something and he wants to investigate it there’s pretty much no stopping him, so my sister lets him do his thing thinking that it was nothing and maybe he just smelled something. He smelled something alright…

My sister suddenly smells what smelled like burning rubber and took forever to realize what had just happened. It was when Reggie pulled her into the hedges with him that she realized he’d been sprayed by a skunk. So she struggles to pull Reggie out of the hedge and once she finally got him out they looked at each other both wearing a look confused what just happened look on their faces.

She brings Reggie inside and comes up to my apartment and announces that she and Reggie had just been sprayed by a skunk. As soon as she says that I smelled burning rubber and only had one reaction. I laughed with tears coming down my face saying “Twice he’s been sprayed twice in one year.” I felt bad for my sister because she thought that she’d been sprayed along with him, but she wasn’t. Lucky.

If you haven’t read the first Skunk in the bushes here’s a link to the first post.

I hope this time around Reggie has learned his lesson.


8 thoughts on “Skunk in the bushes: The sequel

  1. That is a great story. My family vacationed in Northern Wisconsin every summer and the skunk episodes were an on going issue with all our dogs. Everyone was very proficient at the tomato baths. BTW, the show Myth Busters did prove that tomato juice is the best way to fight the skunk smell. Be thankful it wasn’t a porcupine. That was a favorite of my Aunt’s dog next to skunks.


  2. No doubt he HASN’T learned his lesson – my HiJinx is on her THIRD skunk and counting. . . soooo smart in everything else, but give her a skunk and she is dumber than a post! Then she and I spend an hour with a mix of vinegar, baking soda and a garden bucket of hot water, and a ton of doggy towels . . . usually right after her 3am run! sigh……


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