Character Bios

This is something that I should’ve done long ago. I started working on some bios for each of my characters for my rewrite and it’s proven very helpful.

I started the bios with my toughest nut to crack Joseph Johnson; throughout the years that I’ve been working on Jenny Mac I’ve never fully been able to figure my villain out. By doing these bios I’ve really been able to clear my mind and write down almost a full bio.

If you’re a writer and you’ve never tried writing character bios before, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. I feel like I’m finally able to connect the dots with Joseph, and by the time I’m finished I’ll know him inside and out.

It’s something I need because you really shouldn’t write about a main character especially a main character villain unless you know their story.


8 thoughts on “Character Bios

  1. Truth. Character bios let you really get into the character’s mind, and their past. And during those moments you might forget a little something… boom, refer to char bio lol I’ve just started doing this myself and can definitely feel the difference in my characters.


  2. Have you come across a book called Lanark? It’s four parts that can be read in any order. That has a strange trippy almost Sci-Fi story but also has the main characters biography as two of the books.

    It is interesting to imagine writing out a few hundred pages to flesh it out to yourself without even thinking of publishing…until the 20th anniversary of your books of course then you can bung ’em in as extras and make more cash hehe.


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