I don’t know what it is but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling completely drained blogging wise. I haven’t had a lot of good ideas to blog about, or any news to blog about.

Could it be that at some point a blogger gets weary; from blogging often? Perhaps I need to take a break from blogging for a bit. Nah, I don’t think that I could do that. Except for maybe a few days, but I’ve only done that well either because I was busy and didn’t have time to blog, or because I was wornout.

Or maybe the reason I haven’t really been interested in blogging is because I have yet to hear back from my editor on my first draft. I have a feeling that my being so weary from blogging has something to do with that.

If it does have something to do with the first draft and waiting to hear the verdict from my editor; then I probably need to relax and trust that I’ll hear back soon. However it’s kind of difficult because the last editor I started working with just blew me off.

Yep it’s this editor thing that’s bothering me, and I’m probably also a little tired of blogging, or bored with blogging; which is to be expected after doing this for a year and three and a half months, five days a week.


24 thoughts on “Drained

  1. Don’t take a break! Believe me, it doesn’t help. I just tried for a few months and now everything that comes out of me is bloody awful haha


  2. This is exactly why I love blogging instead of sending stuff out to editors! 😀 I just look at blogging like I’m my own editor and my own publishing company and have a blast doing it. (On the other hand with my attitude. I’ll probably never get a book published . . .so there is a downside, but I figure life’s too short to wait around for editor’s judgments!)


  3. Don’t give up! I’m on page sixty of my novel and I’m having the same problem. Just take a step back. And breathe.


  4. I had the same thing a few weeks ago, I’m constantly writing something for one website or another so sometimes you need to take a break to regroup.
    I agree with the idea about spacing posts 48 hours apart, that might take some pressure off you.


  5. It seems a lot of us who started around the same time have all had a bit of a break, a few days are always good to recharge the batteries and get that love back…


  6. Any time you can map how long you have been doing something down to the day or hour nearly, a break is often in order. But I have heard of people who have published 40+ books, still complaining of this scenario waiting for the first draft feedback of the latest; even if the next 3 are contracted. As you note, you know this is the cause. Unconscious processing: it is our gift it is our curse. Xox


    1. Yes I agree if you can map out what you’re working on down to the day or hour, a break is in order.
      Good to know that other authors share that same frustration with the first draft though.


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