Child Performers

Because of everything that’s been going on with Amanda Bynes lately I thought that I’d do a post on child performers. Now let me start off by saying I am not in any way condoning anything that Amanda Bynes has done; especially that ugly scene with her trying to set her neighbors driveway on fire. That was completely fucked up!

I’ve been watching Amanda Bynes since she started acting on All That! and I think that the reason behind her mental breakdown is because of being a child performer. She’s been acting professionally since the age of 10, and there’s something wrong with putting a child out onto a stage in front of an audience and asked to act on cue. Not to mention Hollywood and every crazy thing that goes on in that blood sucking town.

Children have one job and that’s to be a kid; which means going to school, doing homework, getting good grades, playing, making mistakes and groundings. That’s enough for a child, but if you add-on acting jobs, growing up in the public eye, and trying to be a good roll model towards kids your own age and younger… You’re just asking for trouble at some point.

In the case of Amanda Bynes it’s a complete mental breakdown. When you’re still developing in general you shouldn’t be exposed to a job that should be left to adults, and even some adult actors can’t handle it.

I’ll tell you all one thing if my kid ever came to me and begged me to be a child actor I would tell him or her that if you really are interested in acting you can start with school plays, and maybe you could work your way up to community theater when your older. Then continue his or her way up and by the time they would reach the professional rank they’ll be all grown up, and by then they will have heard me talk about how difficult it would be to be an actor and how careful you need to be not to get sucked into anything bad. If they still want to be an actor after all of that more power to them.

Well that’s my theory on child performing and being a child performer.


13 thoughts on “Child Performers

  1. Good advice for all child actors. Also you post about finding a good editor was right on. I will be following you, and I want to thank for liking “Murder Sets Sail – Excerpt 3” on – Aloha – pjs.


  2. It is a hard one as a parent you want to be supportive of your childs dreams and help them believe they can do anything but it is also your job to keep their feet firmly on the floor, when you think about the sheer numbers of child actors out there compared to how many we see go off the rails it would seem that acting is not the problem, fame and Hollywood is.Maybe the answer is you let them act but avoid accepting any casting calls for big film roles, I suppose it really comes down to what the actual parents real interests are – their child or their bank account


    1. Letting them act wouldn’t hurt but like you said I wouldn’t let them take on some big movie role. At least until they’ll older and can fully understand what fame and Hollywood can do to them if they’re not fully aware.


  3. I agree, and I blame DisneyCo. for a lot of her troubles, just like Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears. All child actors in the Disney stable, cared for by Handlers and then let loose at age 18 without having learned anything about self control or self image. It is a sad thing to see another young girl basically destroyed before her life really begins.


      1. Yes, her and Lindsay Lohan. Disney should be examining their practices when it comes to their child actors. Maybe besides tutoring them while on stage, they teach them something about responsiblity and self control.


  4. Aloha Chelsea, – so glad you let me know you liked “Telephone Killer – 5” on You can expect a new post from that book once a week. – Aloha – pjs.


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