23rd Birthday

Today’s my Birthday and unfortunately I don’t have too much planned; except my mother’s making me one of my favorite dinners. A little Mexican… YUM!

I’ve been thinking about some things I’d love to do if I had cash, and I came up with a couple of celebrations.

1 Take a trip to Colorado

I haven’t been back to visit in about three years, so I would go out there for a visit. Perhaps stay for two or three weeks.

It’d be nice to see friends and family out there again.

2 Vegas

Since I turned 21 I always wanted to go to Vegas. Nothing like a little booze and gambling. Oh yeah and see one of Cher’s shows that would be awesome.

I might not be able to do the things I listed above, but hopefully one day I might. At least for now I have my health, book, friends, and family. Oh and a place to lay my hat at the end of the day.

That’s enough of a gift right there.


10 thoughts on “23rd Birthday

  1. Perhaps it’s due to sleep deprivation, but when I read the opening of your post, I instantly thought of a little Mexican (person), and not little Mexican (i.e. tacos, enchiladas). Well, my lapse in thought offered me a hearty laugh. Happy Birthday to ya.


  2. If you accept the assignment, we will disavow your working for me and my wife. You need to track down our wandering 23 year old son. He was in Bozeman for THE GATHERING, hiked Glacier Park, went to Seattle, is going to Oregon and then onto Napa Valley to visit a chef buddy. He is doing all of this with nothing in his bank account. He has been free loading off buddies and relatives and getting cash jobs off Craig’s List along the way, and hitching rides with his trusty backpack and bedroll. Guess I respect his travel whim, but find it irritating he is doing what I never did at his age.


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