Chester scenes 3 and 4

Scene 3

Narrator: My brother drove a 2006 Toyota truck that he got as a graduation present this summer. He loved that truck. But he loved me more I’ve been like the apple of his eye ever since I can remember. He’s the only one that knows I’m transgender.

Lester: So Chester when are you going to tell Mom and Dad?

Kelsey: I don’t know.

Narrator: My parents were great people and they accepted everyone for who they were, but I was afraid that they’d never accept me; because I was their little girl. I didn’t know how they would react if I came downstairs one morning dressed in guy’s clothing, and wearing props to get the feel of what it would be like to have junk.

Lester: Chester man I’m telling you they’ll understand I never seen them judge anyone.

Kelsey: Yes but I’m not anyone, I’m their daughter.

Lester: No you’re not, you’re their son.

[Lester takes his eyes off the road and glances at his sister.]

Lester: If you want me there when you do decide to tell them; text me and I’ll come over. Okay?

Kelsey: I’ll tell them tonight.

Lester: Okay good, what time?

Kelsey: 7:30 after dinner.

Lester: Okay I’ll come over for dinner then I could use a hot meal.

Kelsey: You’ve only been in College for two weeks.

Lester: I know but after eating Ramen noodle soup and Mac n’ Cheese for two weeks straight you quickly begin to miss home cooked meals.

[Kelsey laughs.]

Lester: Well you’re here, have a good day.

Kelsey: Thanks, you too, and thanks for the ride.

Lester: No prob bro.

[Kelsey gets out and walks towards the front doors.]

Scene 4

As she walks through the school hallways she runs into random friends before making it to her locker.

Shane: Hey babe.

[Shane works his way through a crowd of students and then runs over and scoops Kelsey into his arms.]

[Kelsey giggles.]

Kelsey: Hey baby I missed you.

Shane: I missed you too.

[Kelsey and Shane begin to make out.]

Shane: I had a dream about you last night.

Kelsey: Aw, what was it about?

Shane: You were in my bed and you whispered in my ear, take me.

Kelsey: Aw, well at least you’re getting some in your dreams.

Shane: Ouch, but seriously we’ve been dating for a while, so…

Kelsey: I’ve thought about it but I don’t think I’m ready.

Shane: I understand but you’ll tell me when you are right?

[Kelsey smiles and kisses Shane’s cheek.]

Kelsey: When I’m ready you’ll be the first to know.

Shane: Good.

[Shane looks at the clock.]

Shane: Babe I’m sorry but I’ve gotta get to class I’ll see you later.

Kelsey: Okay.

[Shane walks off in another direction and then down the south hallway.]

[Kelsey searches her locker for her English books and then heads to her first class.]

Narrator: The truth is I was ready; however I was not ready to do it with a boy. I don’t know how he would react once I told him. Maybe I’ll tell him tomorrow; after I see how my parents are going to take the news.


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