First Draft sent off

So yesterday was the big day; the day I sent my first draft off to the editor. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t post about this yesterday well… I was pretty tired and figured I could use a break from writing.

So now that I’m all refreshed I’ll talk about the send off and how I’m feeling about it. When I sent it off I was feeling pretty happy about the work I’ve done, but last night and today I’ve been feeling nervous. I feel my editor is going to find something wrong with every page, or with the plot so far. But at least if there are some issues with anything; she’ll be able to tell me.

I know she’s going to like some of the changes I’ve made and that there will be some stuff that may need to be better explained, or fixed. However at the same time I can’t help but think OMG! she’s gonna find something wrong with every page.

I hope I’m just being a nervous Nelly.

She couldn’t possibly dislike the whole chapter, could she?


12 thoughts on “First Draft sent off

  1. Worry less. It’s sometimes painfully hard to get content edits back from my editor, but the story always gets better for her efforts. So nice to have a professional editor to help in the lonely business of writing a novel. 😉


  2. Worry ye not, with the effort you have put in, you will be fine. I know this for I am from a magical land….well it has the word land in it anyway.


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