Beach day

Yesterday after a long week I went to the beach with my sister and a couple of friends. It was a nice beach however it was cloudy and I think for the first few hours in was 70 maybe 71 degrees. The water was pretty cold, but it wasn’t bad once you got in.

I think I was knocked by several different waves on several occasions. Can I just say that I don’t know how surfers surf. You can really get pounded by those waves. I don’t know why I thought of that considering there’s not much surfing on the east coast; unless you live in Florida. But whatever that’s what I thought of while in the water.

The weather didn’t really start to clear up hours into our beach day and I being the stubborn jackass that I can be didn’t wear sun block. When I got home and took a shower I looked like a lobster. Take my advice even though its cloudy put on sun block.

I didn’t really sleep all that well because it’s hard to actually get comfortable.

Aside from the weather being iffy and the really, really bad sun burn it was a great day and relaxing.


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