Beating my head against a brick wall

Well I’m 18 pages into the first draft and I think I hit a wall.

Trying to stick with my initial plot is apparently harder than I anticipated.

How am I going to solve this puzzle?

The loss of Jenny’s parents, Joseph’s plot, the WIA, and Jenny visions. I was able to figure this out before and put it into a story and I can do it again… I think

I know that I’m just nervous the idea of a rewrite of a story that I thought was pretty solid except for maybe a few holes here or there. I’m also nervous about the first draft and sending it into my editor. I want her to like the changes, but I’m definitely scared that, well… I’m not going to even go there.

This is the side effects of being a writer you over think and sometimes you get nervous; because you over think and it just goes on and on.

What usually gets me out of that is my positive attitude; that and the Straw-ber-Rita I’m drinking.

I’m really going to have to think this out.

I’m also probably going to talk about this until I hear the news so good luck to you people and I apologize if I get obsessed with this whole first draft thing. I’ve just never been this close to my dream and yet still a ways away from it as well.


6 thoughts on “Beating my head against a brick wall

  1. Story of my life here! I’m going through the same insanity with my own work. My whole outline tossed to the wayside because of a necessary twist I thought of while in the shower. But it’s these things that make the story come to life! Unleash that feral bastard and let it romp about while you write down everything it chews up and throws your way =D


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