Good News

I’ve been searching and searching, and searching some more.

I did it I found an editor who’s willing to take my book on.

I got in contact with her on Sunday after a huge disappointment/letdown from an editor I was communicating with perviously.

On Sunday she emailed me back right away requesting a sample from my book, so I sent her a sample chapter to look at.

Today I received an email from her with notes for my sample chapter. She said that I have some revising to do, but it will involve a revision of the entire book. After going through her notes my first thought was that, this is going to take a while. I don’t want to rush through this book when I make these revisions; I want to try to nail it on the first try.

Which might be next to impossible but I really wanna take my time.

I will say this by the time Jenny Mac hits book shelves in stores everywhere it’s going to be completely different from the Jenny Mac you know.

I personally prefer it that way I’d like for you guys to be surprised. The plot however will be the same; The WIA, the loss of Jenny’s parents, and the connection with Joseph will all still be tied in.

Now the difficult part how to revise it and fit it into the story.

This will take some very careful and serious planning.


16 thoughts on “Good News

  1. That’s really exciting. Changes from an editor are usually for the best. If it doesn’t sit well with you, think about why and voice your objections. But ultimately, it’s your book so you want to make sure you’re ok with the end product.

    Congratulations again! This is a huge toward making your dreams come true!


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