The C word

The news anyone hates to hear be it pertaining to someone you know, or yourself no one ever wants to hear the word Cancer.

I missed a call from my grandmother in Missouri yesterday afternoon and she left me a message to call her.

I assumed that it was because she was bored and she wanted somebody to talk to because that’s what she usually does. I called her up and said “Hey you called?” She says “Yes” and goes on to tell me about a few things she’d left with us before she moved that she wanted me to hold on to. I thought that this was kinda weird and I said “Okay, but why are you bringing this up now?” She goes on to tell me that she’d been diagnosed with Lung Cancer a few weeks ago.

Thankfully they caught it early; however I don’t know if she’s going to go through treatments; because she’d have to go through Chemo and Radiation and since she’s already up there age wise… Well you know

She has to go back to the Doctor at the end of July to do some tests and see what action she would want to take.

Sigh, I don’t even know why I’m taking about this in a post, my emotions are all over the place that’s why.

It’s crazy how much things can change with one phone call.

I can’t even imagine how my grandmother must feel right now.

A little tip to all of you smokers quit while your ahead.


18 thoughts on “The C word

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she gets positive news from her next round of tests regarding treatment options. It’s good they caught it early, and I hope that means they will be able to treat it in a manner that is agreeable to her and that will work for her age, too.

    It’s terrifying when someone you love has to struggle with this. Both my mom and dad have had struggles with cancer. They are both also elderly (my mom is 78 and my dad is 83), and they both managed to come through treatment well. I hope the same will be true for your grandmother.

    In the meantime, I hope that you will be able to stay strong and positive, too. I know how impossible that can feel, but sharing your feelings here on your blog is probably a great first step toward doing everything you can to help yourself in order to be there for your grandmother.


  2. Big hugs, I hope you are all okay. You talk about it in a post because it is good to get it out ,or just to let off steam…you always have us for support…it goes without saying but it is always nice to be reminded.


  3. Sweetheart the doctors have really come a very long way in the treatment of cancer these days. I remember when they told me, I think I went into shock actually, but I was lucky too. They caught mine early so I didn’t have to do chemo or radiation. (I thought that was a given if you had cancer, but it’s not) I don’t know her age, but she shouldn’t let that stop her from getting treatment. I might be able to put her on a lung transplant list also while they are treating her. I have a lot of friends (that I met at the cancer center) but they are in their 70’s and 80’s and responded well to which ever treatment their doc. suggested. There are also “clinical trials” where she might be able to participate and get meds for free. But be SURE NOT to read anything on the internet about it… My daughter ( a general practice doc.) said that 9 times out of 10 all that does is scare the people to death. Keep her around positive people, let her talk to the ones who’ve made it, not the ones that want to tell you about someone they lost. I know as a cancer patient myself… I have come close to punching out some peeps for that kind of talk. If she does Facebook, there is a really good cancer group called “the Pink Warriors”, I’m sure their are others, where you and she might be able to find support from others so you won’t feel so alone. Big hugs to you both…. Don’t panic yet… 😀


    1. Thanks for all of the info it gives me hope especially knowing that she might not have to go through harsh chemo.
      She’s not really into computers or the internet but I will make sure that she sticks around positive people.
      Thanks again Keli you’ve been very helpful. 🙂


  4. I am sure her emotions are all over the map too. I know when I was diagnosed two years ago there was not one emotion I did not feel. Its an emotional rollar coaster. I pray for her, her doctors, and your family. It is an amazing feeling knowing that today you can beat cancer! I did, she can too!


  5. I can’t say I would know how to feel or react to such news. There have been different crisis within my own extended family. But you have time to be with your grandmother. Make the most of it.


  6. Chelsea, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. The C word is indeed a scary word, striking a real and deep fear no matter how positive the news that comes with it. Enjoy those conversations with your grandmother. Don’t allow the word to taint your world. Take care of you. I had a similar phone call a couple of days ago but haven’t yet decided if I can blog about it. It’s a messy messy place that you’re driven into. Remember to look after yourself as well as those you love x


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