Weekend festivities

I posted on Friday that I had a long weekend planned and let me just start by saying that it was longer than I thought it was going to be.


I cleaned because I was going to be too busy to clean on Saturday.


We started at Wal-Mart to buy most of what we needed for our friend’s Birthday festivities. While running all over the store I went to grab something down another aisle; as I was coming around the corner this probably 18-year-old guy comes barreling down another aisle and the kid knocks right into me causing me to go flying into another aisle. I was pissed “What the hell!” I said as I was knocked to the floor. 18-year-old guy “Sorry, I’m so sorry.” He pulls me to my feet “Are you alright?” Me with the most pissed off/blindsided look on my face “I’m fine.” I walk away and blurted out “Dumbass.”

Finished the shopping at Wal-Mart; and then went to the butcher which had already closed, then to Trader Joe’s, ALDI’s, Dollar Tree and Stop n’ Shop. Brought in all of the groceries, took a shower, started my laundry and setup Birthday decorations.

At 8:30 my sister comes upstairs to my apartment tipsy and says “I need to break a hundred. Will you walk down to Honey Farms with me?” I said yes and we took our dogs with us. We walk down there I attempted to buy something and of course the cashier says “I don’t have enough to break it.” So we walk down to another gas station thankfully this one had enough cash to break the hundred. We walk home and it must have been a good 2 mile walk all together.

I finished setting up the decorations, finished my laundry, cleaned the cat box and relaxed on the couch. I planned on drifting off to sleep on it, but at 1:30am there was chaos on my street. A dozen cop cars pull up because there was gun fire and whomever fired the gun ditched it in the bushed outside my apartment house. Finally after all of the excitement I went to bed at 2am.


Woke up at 10am to get ready for a workout at the gym before the party. A few hours later came home and started cooking. Two hours later we ate, watched the last half of Seven pounds, played Monopoly came in second, sang Happy Birthday to my friend, ate a homemade ice cream cake; and then took friend home.

I came home watched TV for an hour or two then went to bed.

Today I’m relaxing.


4 thoughts on “Weekend festivities

  1. Sounds like a lot of work and preparation to enjoy the festivities for the birthday! I love Dollar Tree for all the decorations, plates, napkins, etc. I used it for my daughter’s college graduation party and it was so easy on the budget.


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