Rainy days

For the past couple of weeks we’ve had on and off rainy days; it makes me feel bad for Colorado I hear they’ve got a few fires out there. It’s only June too dang, but that’s what happens in Colorado a lot of fires during the summer.

Back to the topic I love a good rainy day it’s either a good excuse to sitdown and do nothing, or to go out and run around in it.

I remember doing that a few times as a kid, but there’s one time I just thought of one time in particular. I was in Junior High and had just got of the bus from school with a friend. For some reason we really wanted to mess around in the rain, so we both went home and put on rain coats and met up at the club house where a lot of the neighborhood kids would hangout. Since it was raining nobody was there it was completely empty.

We ran around jumping in every puddle we could find and then when that got boring we came across this mud puddle, and for whatever reason we decided to jump in it and I think we had this mud fight.

By the time we got back to my friend’s place we were covered head to toe in mud. It was kinda dumb, but it was fun and we had a good laugh looking at each other saying “Dude you’re totally covered in mud ha ha.” “Well so are you ha ha.”

Yep crazy rainy days in Colorado.


8 thoughts on “Rainy days

  1. I grew up in Cortez watching Mesa Verde burn from my driveway. Rain is so precious there. I live in the rainiest city in the country now; Mobile, AL. Polar opposites. Your blog took me home… 🙂


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