My favorite musician

In the past in my blog posts I’ve talked about my favorite author J.K. Rowling, why she’s such  an inspiration and why she’s my idol.

Today I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite musicians; because I don’t really talk about music, song writing and all of that good stuff enough.

Since music is such a huge part of my life and so close to my heart I thought I would talk about my favorite country star. She was one of the first albums I received as a Christmas gift at the age of nine, a good laugh whenever her TV show airs, and somebody who knows the meaning of hardwork. She has a backbone of steel and is known for her red hair Reba McEntire.

Late last night I was watching her concert Reba: All the woman I am and I just started thinking about how far she’s come, how strong she is and her never say never I’ll never give up attitude.

I remember watching this Biography about her and how she got her start in the music and all of the roads she paved along the way for new female artists to come. I thought damn this woman has no fear and a lot of guts.

For those you who don’t know Reba got her start in music while singing the national anthem at a rodeo in 1974; she was noticed by Red Steagall who just happened to be in attendance that day. Red recognized her talent and brought her to Nashville where she signed with her first record label Mercury Records.

However Reba struggled for a few years to find the right song that would take her from singing in smoke-filled bars to sold out shows. In the early 80’s she took control of her music career when she left Mercury Records and signed with MCA.  A decision that would open many doors for her. In 1982 Reba had her first number 1 Can’t even get the blues.

After Can’t even get the blues Reba found her voice and ever since has put out song after song of classic Reba McEntire song such as Whoever’s in New England, Does he love you, Fancy and Is there life out there.

She’s released songs that would empower women, make you wanna get up and dance, and one song in particular that discussed AID’s; which in the 90’s was a topic that people would either try to avoid, or blame on gay people. Reba released She thinks his name was John. A song about a woman who had a night stand with a man and later finds out that she’s positive for AID’s.

From a personal stand point that is one of my favorite songs off of Read my mind; because instead of not talking about AID’s/HIV, or saying oh well that’s something only gay people get. She made a point in the song by leaving a message saying hey anyone can get this and it’s something that we need to find cure for.

She’s also started many charities and even started Reba’s Ranch House that served as a home away from home for families with loved one whom are receiving hospice care. In 2010 Reba even opened Reba’s Ranch House as a safe haven for people in times of crisis.

Reba’s an inspiration with her backbone, her ability to go her own way, her music, and her generosity; something I think that we all could use a little reminder of in our everyday lives.

If it’s one thing that Reba’s taught me is to make your dreams happen sometimes you  have to go your own way and to always give back.

Reba you gotta love her. 🙂    


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