Eight years in the making

I’ve been thinking about this a lot for the past couple weeks and I can’t believe it’s been eight years.

In some ways it seems like was just yesterday when I first got the idea to write Jenny Mac. Of course I say that every year; well not so much say it I more so think it, but still it’s kinda crazy I never would’ve thought at fourteen that my journey with Jenny Mac would be eight years in the making and it’s not even published yet.

I have something else I really do say every year “This year is going to be the year that I get Jenny Mac published.” Hopefully year eight will be the lucky year.

Eight years I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with anything for eight years.

Man when I think of all of the changes this story as been through it just blows my mind. I think it took seven years worth of revisions before I actually felt like the book would be good enough to send out to agencies/publishers. That and a few suggestions from friends, family, and neighbors as to how I could make the story better.

Well at least can I say my eighth year with this book will involve editing, finding agencies, sending the MS to agencies, and hopefully representation followed by Jenny Mac coming to bookstores everywhere soon.

What follows after that will go into the ninth year and I’m predicting touring, promoting and all of that fun stuff.

Oh yeah and a spot on The Ellen Show talking about Jenny Mac. 😉


8 thoughts on “Eight years in the making

  1. This will be the year, I feel it in my waters and although I’m not quite sure what that means it remains the truth! Stop over this side of the pond on your promotion tour please.


    1. “Feel it in my waters.” For sec I thought that was some english phrase or slang.
      I will definitely stop in the UK when promoting and I’ll let you where and when that’ll be. 🙂


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