Make love

I had an idea for a song late last night and I started working on it, but I was too tired to finish it so I finished today.

Let me know what you think.


Alright baby you and me lets go, let’s hit the bed.

I’ve been thinkin’ bout’ you all day long.

At work you know I’ve been missing you; been looking at the photo of us.

Just wanting to love ya, to kiss those lips.

You know baby you’ve always been beautiful, but when we up in our bed and we intimate your beauty intensifies tenfold and I just wanna love you all night long.

Ooo so let’s…

(Chorus Make love cause I wanna feel that amazing spark, that love that I could only feel with you.)

Some may want sex that lust that means nothin’ but a one night stand, but for me I just want that love.

(Yeah I just wanna make love to my baby.)

Baby I love you so much

So let’s just hit the bed and do what lovers do best.

Your head hits the pillow and I kiss your lips.

Oh, it’s a rush to my heart; a sensation that I wanna feel over and over again.

Now I don’t know how our love got this far, but I’mma make sure that we never burnout.

(I’mma make sure that our love never burns out.


When we touch, when we kiss I can feel everything click.

It’s like right here; right now is where we’re supposed to be.

Ooo, so let’s just…

(Chorus make love so we can connect on the deepest level we can.

(You know the feeling.)

The love ya feel it’s something you can’t even define, and when I look into your eyes I see that spark as it ignites our passion one more time.

Make love and we’ll just get lost in each other’s light.)

Yeah I’m all yours and you’re all mine tonight.

I’ve been missing you.

You know I’ve been thinkin’ bout’ ya.

I can’t wait to see ya.

Can’t wait to hold you in my arms and whisper.

Ooo, let’s just…

(Chorus Make love cause I wanna feel that spark that love with you tonight.)


Whatcha say baby?

Let’s make love tonight.


2 thoughts on “Make love

  1. Very good, some great passages. I liked it and I could almost hear it playing with music to your lyrics! It does have some fun and love which I like those!


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