Finally back to where I left off

Today I’m finally able to pick up where I left off on book two, and I’ve also decided to cut that scene I showed you all on Tuesday.

For this chapter that scene doesn’t really fit, but I think that scene may fit in with another chapter as the book goes along; then again it may not work with the storyline at all I will keep it on the back burner though just in case.

I think I’m going to have fun working on this chapter because Jenny and Lil officially begin their training. I’ll tell you one thing if Jenny Mac was made into a successful movie series I would feel bad for whoever plays Jenny in the second film. However I would then think “She’s being paid well and there’s EMT’s nearby she’ll be fine.”

Just kidding kind of… There is a lot of action I’ll just say that.

Anyway it’s back to work with new ideas, new twists, and new scenes YAY!

Let see what I can come up with for this chapter.


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