The laws of physics

On Sunday afternoon my sister, myself and a friend came back to our place from the gym.

We turn onto our street to find our neighbors from across the road trying to push a broken down car out of their driveway.

My sister and I get out of the car and offer to help and at first they said no. Man I wish they would’ve just stuck to their “No.”

They changed their minds so my sister, myself, and our friend spent a half an hour trying to help them, but unfortunately they knew nothing about the laws of physics.

The broken down car had a locked steering and the wheels were stuck to the right, and so every time we pushed it the car would just go in circles. Of course my friend and I tried to tell our neighbors, but they didn’t listen. Instead one of them said that they would lift up the front of the car. (Keep in mind it’s all women pushing this car.) My friend I said that there’s no way you could lift the front of the car; while the rest of us push the back of it. They did it anyway and failed.

Next they tried pushing the car with another car pushing the bumper; however if the steering wheel is stuck you’re just gonna go in circles. While doing this thy nearly took out another neighbors car.

When that failed one of the neighbors thought “Let’s just pop the tires.” I objected right away and said “If you pop the tires that still won’t magically unlock the steering wheel; you’ll just wind up with deflated tires.”

Finally my sister says call someone to tow it away, so for the first time since we offered to help them they actually listened.

Here’s a tip for anyway out there in the same situation think of the laws of physics and if your neighbors are too stupid to listen good luck to ya.


8 thoughts on “The laws of physics

  1. It’s very difficult to lift a car, but you can move it sideways by bumping it up and down very quickly then suddenly lifting it on the up motion. I’ve seen firemen do it..and have done it myself. A steering lock however, is a highway to nowhere.


      1. Oh yes, it’s not easy but it can be done. The secret is to get th rythm going so that you get the car body to take it’s weight off the suspension. Once you get the rythm to that point that’s when you do that final lift and shift the car wheels sideways.


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